About Us



Over the years, God Given Talent, Inc. has specialized in Project-Product Development and serve as an AD AGENCY. How we got started is shared in our BLESSINGS DIRECTORY–an AMAZING STORY about how obedience unto God brings the blessings! As led by The Spirit of God, Business Networking and Direct Marketing–we’re connecting to businesses, ministries, organizations, families and individuals that are launching out in their visions, gifts, talents and abilities from God.

At God Given Talent, Inc., we serve as a Support System to assist your efforts to develop the vision, work and grow the plan! 



God Given Talent, Inc. (GGT) continues to labor in God’s Kingdom to help humanity. Please check our Blessings Directory for more information. 

Per aforementioned, feel free to Email us at to share comments and to ask questions. Thanks!

May God Bless You & Yours!   

   MerdisBETHEL, President